Your voice matters!

The Fair Wages Commission was created by the BC Government in 2017 to set the schedule for a $15/hr minimum wage. They have held hearings across BC to learn more from workers, unions, community organizations and businesses. They also collected submissions via email. They will use this information to guide their decision on when to implement a $15/hr minimum wage.

Submissions for the first phase of the commission are now closed but our voices were heard. 

The Fight for 15 Campaign worked to organize more than 2200 people to send letters to the Commission about the urgent need for a $15/hr minimum wage. These letters asked the Fair Wages Commission to get to a $15/hr minimum wage by January 2019 and eliminate all exemptions to the minimum wage.

We also worked with more than 75 groups and individuals to make in person presentations to the Commission. These presentations were supported by written submissions and research briefs. 

You can check out the BCFED's submission here

If you haven't signed the petition already, do it now!

The Fair Wages Commission will deliver their first report before January 2018. If you would like to keep up to date with these announcements, please sign up for updates.